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Black Eyes Western.
Por: Ramiro García.

The black eyes western song is in your ears,
And I know you won’t hear me to say
Alone, like in heaven, all your tears
Like dust, her love is far away

Alone, boy you will stay, it seems to me
And alone you’re coming home like every day
Alone, “you cowboy”, can you see...
And now it's hard to know, all you lose, from your own tears

And now you know, she’ll never see, the tears you wanna hide
That casino night, you hurt her, and she never see you cry
She didn’t believe that stupid shadow, and even what you said
And now she has, another boyfriend, and nothing else to say

And now, at least you know, her happy face
Without you she's no more a loving slave

Sus ojos negros siempre quedarán

Como testigos en la noche... No olvidarán.

RG 10/10


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